Bachelor of Science in Education

Are you or someone you know interested in becoming a teacher? Check out our video!

Our department is proud to announce that the Bachelor of Science in Education will be available in Fall 2021!

This degree is designed to be transfer-friendly and easily completed in four years; you can even choose where you student teach the last semester of the program.

At Missouri S&T, you’re joining a close knit learning community of future teachers. Our engaging, interactive classes are all taught by full time professors with extensive experience in schools. You’ll be in education courses starting your first semester, and you’ll start working in K-12 schools your second semester in our program.

We have scholarships and other funding opportunities available to cover test fees and background checks, and we’ve chosen low cost textbooks for all education courses.

We have a full time advisor on staff to keep everyone on track to graduate on time.

Students can choose an emphasis in elementary or one of four middle school subject areas. If you’re not sure, don’t worry! The first few courses in the program are the same whether you want to teach middle school math or first grade.

*Any current student in the B.A. in Multidisciplinary Studies program interested in switching should complete an Undergraduate Request to Change Majors form.

EDUC 1040  Perspectives in Education - 2 credit hours

EDUC 1104  Teacher Field Experience I - 1 credit hour

EDUC 1164  Teacher Field Experience II - 2 credit hours

EDUC 1174  School Organization and Administration for Teachers - 2 credit hours

EDUC 2102  Educational Psychology - 3 credit hours

or PSYCH 2300  Educational Psychology  

EDUC 2310  Education of the Exceptional Child - 3 credit hours 

or PSYCH 4310  Psychology of the Exceptional Child

EDUC 3216  Instructional Literacy in the Content Area - 3 credit hours

EDUC 3340  Assessment of Student Learning - 3 credit hours

PSYCH 3310  Developmental Psychology - 3 credit hours

EDUC 4298  Studnet Teaching Seminar - 1 credit hours

EDUC 4299  Student Teaching - 12 credit hours


Total Credits:  35

Want to know more about these courses? Our Classes page gives you insight.